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ASNAVARA is the name of the primal light of all stars, here on earth. This is saved in each primal crystal and his crystal pyramid, in each planet in all universes of all dimensions.

ASNAVARA is given to us from the spiritual world to anchor this light here on earth.

ASNAVARA is our vision of an earth full of light where people live together in peace and harmony, beyond all oppositions, honoring and respecting nature and all beings.

We answered the call of our soul and work together as lightmovers of the New Age with lightmovers around the world.

We work with Lemurian Healing and cooperate with lightful, loving and positive beings, sisters and brothers from all realms and dimensions.

It is important for us to have the contact to interdimensional and lightful beings for they support us in the transition into the new age.

We wish to share our vision of love, peace, harmony, joy, compassion and wealth with all beings.


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